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Feedback-Terminal: The key to continuous improvement

By continuously surveying your customers, employees or patients with our Feedback-Terminal, you can improve your offering and create a more positive environment.

No cloud, no ongoing costs, effortless setup - rent or buy your own device.

Versatile improvements with our smiley Feedback-Terminal

Collect views

Our smiley Feedback-Terminals allow customers, visitors, patients and employees to share their opinions, suggestions and ratings in a quick, easy and measurable way.

Improved interaction and communication

By using our terminals, companies can improve their interactions with various stakeholders by creating an open channel for the exchange of ideas and feedback.

Holistic analysis for better decisions

The comprehensive insights gained by gathering feedback from all stakeholders are key to continuous improvement and making data-driven and informed decisions.

Optimized service quality for all

The implementation of Feedback-Terminals allows companies to improve services and processes based on a wide range of feedback in order to achieve greater satisfaction for all those involved.

Versatility for different contexts

Our terminals are adaptable and versatile to meet different requirements and situations, whether in retail, healthcare or corporate environments.

Working together for better solutions

Our Feedback-Terminals bring everyone together - customers, visitors, patients and employees. We work together to find improvements that are good for everyone. Every contribution counts towards making products, services and workplaces even better.

All the things you need - in one solution!

Hardware - Software - Evaluation - Consulting

  • Set up yourself and start immediately
  • No cloud, no subscription
  • Evaluation and updates included

Feedback-Terminals in all sectors

From retail stores and restaurants to service companies and educational institutions, feedback terminals can be used to gain valuable insights from customers, visitors, patients or employees.


Retail trade









And many more...

Customer survey
Employee survey
Patient survey


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