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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our feedback terminals can be found here.


Can I set up the device myself?

Yes, you can easily set up the device yourself. For example, you can configure questions, integrate images or videos, generate evaluations and set up an e-mail account.

Where can I view the evaluation?

You have several options for displaying the evaluation data. The evaluation data can be displayed directly on the device. Alternatively, you can have the data sent to you by e-mail or copy it directly from our device to a USB stick. In the latter two options, you receive the data in the form of a PDF file with diagrams for a clear presentation and a CSV file that can be further processed in Excel, for example.

Do I need a WLAN or LAN connection?

No, neither a WLAN nor a LAN connection is required for basic use of the device. Due to the local storage, the device works autonomously and does not require a network connection. A connection is only required if you want to manage the device via the network or have evaluations sent to you by e-mail, for example.

Security and data protection
Where is the evaluation data stored?

The evaluation data is only stored locally, directly on the feedback terminal. This information is not transferred or stored on external servers or in the cloud.

Do I have to consider anything in relation to data protection?

Thanks to the exclusively local storage of data, password protection, the option to delete data and anonymous data collection (except for newsletter registration), the feedback terminal can be used in full compliance with data protection regulations.

Can I also buy the device?

Yes, our feedback terminal is available for purchase and no subscription or contract is required.

Once purchased, the device can be used without restrictions.

Can I also rent the device?

Yes, our feedback terminal can also be rented (from 12 months).

The device can be used without restrictions during the rental period.

Will I incur monthly costs?

No. If you purchase our feedback terminal, no subscription or contract is required and therefore no additional costs are incurred.

The device can also be rented as an option.

Are there any additional costs for the evaluation software?

The evaluation software does not incur any additional costs and runs directly on the device.


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