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Feedback without detours

Customer feedback without detours

Simple analysis of customer satisfaction!

The simple option of anonymous feedback is gladly accepted by visitors to your store. (Study September -November 2018)

Every additional question and request reduces acceptance and you receive little information. Or would you like to fill out a questionnaire yourself?

  • Simple feedback on the fly and therefore high response rates

  • Many question options (smileys, answer selection, free text answer & newsletter registration)

  • Up to 3 languages

  • Possibility of anonymizing personal data

  • Everything can be customized at any time (texts / images / videos)



You can log in to your feedback terminal at any time, directly on the device or via the network, and view the current feedback or have a report sent to you automatically once a week as a PDF document and in a CSV file.

  • Real-time live on the device & web browser

  • Automatic notification in the event of negative development

  • Automatic reports by e-mail

  • Data export as PDF, Excel and CSV file


The terminal

The feedback terminal is available as a free-standing, wall-mounted or desktop unit in white or black.

  • Large 10.1" touchscreen

  • Compact and elegant dimensions

  • Corporate design (screen and stand)

  • High-quality components (no tablet) with flexible power supply

Feedback-Terminal mit Hand

Enquire now!

User opinions & impressions


Set up yourself

Self-explanatory setup and retrieval of the evaluation, even without training.

Start immediately

Unpack, ask a question and get feedback.

No cloud, no subscription

No running costs or worries about data protection.

Increase satisfaction

Improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Free updates

Buy or rent the device once and receive permanent free updates.

Evaluation included

Conveniently retrieve ratings from the device or have them sent automatically by e-mail.

Question options

You have the freedom to customize all headings and the buttons on the following page according to your own ideas. We also offer you the flexibility to choose between different media formats such as text, image or video for the main question and the thank you page. This allows you to customize your feedback terminal according to your needs and create a unique user experience.

  • Main question with 4 smileys

  • Answer selection

  • Free text answer

  • Newsletter registration

  • Thank you

Answer selection
Newsletter registration
Free text answer
Query details
Up to 3 languages for all queries
Possibility of anonymizing personal data
Pictures & videos instead of text question
Everything can be customized at any time
Real-time live on the device & web browser
As a file on the device, web browser & e-mail
File as PDF, Excel and CSV file
Automatic notification in the event of negative development
System language German & English
Corporate design (screen and stand)
Screen 10,1" Touchscreen
Colors white & black
Stand / wall holder / table holder / /

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