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What users say about our Feedback-Terminal. - Some opinions and impressions summarized.


Feedback-Terminal V2

Feedback-Terminal V1

Feedback-Terminal V1

Feedback-Terminal V1

Feedback-Terminal V1

Feedback-Terminal V1

User opinions


P.S. Brunswick

As the owner of a larger physiotherapy practice, the feedback terminal gives me the guarantee and the good feeling that the desired quality in the treatments is also confirmed by the patients. My staff are also always keen to know whether their services were good and ask for the ratings every week.


B.F. Hildesheim

We use the feedback terminal to find out which of our test printers / copiers is most suitable for users. In 24-hour operation, it would otherwise not be possible to obtain this density of feedback.

Speech therapy

A.K. aus Wengen

In our speech therapy department, the feedback terminal has replaced our customer surveys. This saves us time and patients give feedback much more often than before. We now also receive information from patients who previously refused to complete a questionnaire.

Medical practice

F.B. / M.P. Flensburg region

We offer the feedback terminal to our patients in the doctor's surgery in order to obtain information from the areas for which we do not normally have time due to the volume of work. We were very surprised when we realized that between 25 and 40 people a day were providing information and we were able to treat patients better and save costs in one area, for example, by making a small change to the process. We can really only recommend the feedback terminal. 

Health center

K.H. Munich

As the manager of a health center, I wanted information from course participants and patients about the quality of our services. Since a personal customer survey was out of the question for reasons of time and cost and would only ever represent a single snapshot, I decided to use the feedback terminal. With almost 60 feedbacks per day in some cases, I am surprised at how many people give feedback and I love the quality of the information, which enables targeted implementation.

Retail trade

P.B. Cologne

We have already used other products to determine customer feedback. With this feedback terminal, we ask a precise question and customers are happy to answer it. We can see this from the fact that feedback has tripled at times compared to before. One customer commented that he can give his opinion in passing without wasting time and therefore clicks on his current feeling every time he visits.